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How many times have you been warned to prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle and ignored it? With December already here, the transition from fall to winter has felt especially abrupt this year. We've already seen our first snow!

It’s time to prepare an emergency kit for your car. It may come to the rescue due to a snowy accident! For the wellbeing and safety of your children, your family, your passengers — prepare your emergency kit today.

To be kept in your car, whether in the trunk, backseat, or glove department, collect the following items:

  • blanket
  • extra coat and gloves
  • jumper cables
  • flashlight
  • tire chains
  • first-aid kit
  • small knife
  • flares
  • food and water
  • small shovelwaterproof matches
  • ice scraper
  • a bag of sand or kitty litter to help provide traction if your car is stuck in the snow

At Tuffy, it is our hope that you never have to use your emergency kit! However, if you do get into an accident this winter, the emergency kit could save you. Once you are safe and taken care of, bring your vehicle to us at Tuffy and we will get you good as new in no time. Your mobility and safety are important to us!

When auto repair technicians recommend a “Computer Diagnosis,” automobile owners can get frightened by the seemingly techy and surely high-priced suggestion. However, a computer diagnosis is actually one of the quickest and most accurate ways for auto experts to identify a problem — and in the end, that’s priceless (and this service is cost-effective, too).

At Tuffy, we want to make sure that our clients understand our suggestions and our services, and most importantly we want you to know that we are looking for what’s best for you and your vehicle without EVER seeking to overcharge you. You can trust us at Tuffy!

Your car has a computer which auto experts can scan in order to decode the signals sent out when your car has a problem. Modern electronic control systems allow auto technicians to determine which tests to run. They then use their mechanical expertise and skilled hands to pinpoint the problem in your car efficiently, which will give you peace of mind. Our skilled technicians at Tuffy will then walk you through your options for repair, and you can trust that they will be thorough.

To read more about this special service offered here at Tuffy’s, read here.

At Tuffy’s we hope that your vehicle survived the summer with no battery meltdowns. Now that the flames are found in the trees via their changing leaves, you have some work to do in order to ensure that your vehicle is ready for severe winter weather right around the corner. October is Fall Car Care month and as your favorite car care partner, Tuffy’s is ready to serve you. Keep in mind the following maintenance tips for your car this fall:

How are your wipers? Snow and ice are a whole different ball game. Not only should your washer fluid include de-icer technology, but your physical wipers should also be replaced so that they are not disabled with the first big chill after a summer of wear and tear. New wipers will save you from dangerous driving and vision impairment.

Winter is not nice to batteries. And batteries do not usually give warnings before they fail. In order to avoid a battery problem on the side of a snowy road, bring your car to Tuffy’s and we will check to make sure that your car’s power source clean and corrosion-free.

Avoid an overheating car. Even in the winter, your car is at risk. Your car’s heating/cooling system must be maintained in order to avoid overheating. Tuffy’s can make sure your radiator is in good shape and has enough antifreeze to keep your car going through the cold months. We will also determine if it needs a good flush!

Improved visibility is a must. Walk around your vehicle with the lights on to test illumination. You may find that bulbs need to be replaced or that the lights need to be cleaned. Come to Tuffy’s for help or an official inspection so that your vehicle lights will protect you this winter.

Is your oil clean? What about your air filter? Both functions should be clean before the snow takes over. Without clean oil, your car could malfunction and winter is the last time you want to see that happen. A clean air filter will contribute to proper operation and help keep you and your family nice and warm during the Midwest’s coldest months.

Tuffy’s is prepared to take care of you this winter if anything goes wrong, but consider the tips above if you want to avoid an unplanned visit to our facilities. Happy Fall Car Care Month!


If you haven’t, you’re missing out on car care perks and deals that you wouldn’t believe!

Tuffy Auto Service Center offers rewards for loyal customers. “Refer-A-Friend” is an easy way to earn prizes as well as offer your friends and loved ones a great deal for any automobile service.

This is how it works:


  1. Loyal customers receive a “Refer a Friend” card just by choosing Tuffy’s as their car care provider.
  2. As soon as a friend of said customer needs their vehicle serviced, Tuffy’s customer tells them about us and gives them their “Refer a Friend” card after writing their name on it.
  3. The new, curious customer brings the card to Tuffy’s and receives 10% off their car service!
  4. And of course, the loyal customer receives a $10 gift card to Panera, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts…or a $10 gas card!

At Tuffy’s, we believe in treating our customers every now and then and we believe in building our community so that others may enjoy our exceptional service. Customers: receive your “Refer a Friend” card today and start working towards your rewards!

And with that, sweet summer is coming to an end and regular routine is in your forecast. Your family is probably experiencing the transition into the new school year, so why not get your car prepared to go back to school as well? Even more important than school supplies and syllabi is the safety of your children — whether they will be strapped in booster seats behind you or driving themselves to college this year.

At Tuffy, we can check your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery hoses and more.

Parents, bring your family’s vehicles to Tuffy to be inspected from top to bottom before they hit the road to their respective educational institutions. Have peace of mind that your teenager or young adult will safely make it to college this year and rest assured that your little ones are safe in the backseat. Tuffy believes in families and our primary concern is your safety and wellbeing, so come on by and we will give you the peace of mind that your vehicles are prepared to carry your most precious cargo — your children.

It’s not just the outside elements like scorching temperatures and brutal sun rays that could cause your engine to overheat; the cold air you’re pumping on the inside of your vehicle could also contribute to a toasty demise of your engine. Under the best circumstances, it could take your engine thirty minutes to cool down again once it has overheated. To keep you from the side of the road with a smoking hood, keep reading:


  1. Keep coolant with you. Making sure that your antifreeze is topped off will prevent your engine from overheating.
  2. Roll down your windows. AC makes your engine work extra hard, potentially causing it to overheat. Rolling down your windows will take off the extra strain and maybe save the engine from overheating.
  3. Turn off the engine. If your engine overheats, as quickly as possible pull over, turn off the engine, and open your hood if you can do so without touching it — it will be hot.
  4. Don’t ride the brakes. In stop and go traffic, try coasting or rolling instead of riding the brakes, which can add to heat under the hood.

Keeping your engine cool and comfortable will retain its value. As always, bring your vehicle to Tuffy’s if the engine seems to have an unnatural propensity to overheat or if you are sensing any issues with the engine at all. We are dedicated to keeping you and your car cool this summer!

Gas prices are not outrageous again, but we have seen a steady incline. What steps can you take in order to save the most money at the gas pump? Keep reading:

  1. Drive less. It may be an irritating answer, but assessing the trips you make really makes a difference in the miles you put on your car. Can you ride your bike instead? Eat somewhere nearer to your home? Combine errands into one trip? Driving less will cut down on your stops at the pump.
  2. Maintain your vehicle. A well-cared-for car is much more likely to retain its original gas mileage potential. A major way to do this is by ensuring that your car’s tires are properly inflated, as it drastically increases fuel economy.
  3. Buy gas at a grocery store. Several grocery store chains have reward programs for people who use their shopper’s cards. These cards can regularly save customers up to 20 cents per gallon.
  4. Investigate. Instead of waiting until your tank is on “Empty” and rushing to the nearest station, take a look around you. When you see cheap prices, take the time to fill up — no matter how full your gas tank may be.
  5. Use your phone. There are people who have taken the time to develop apps which tell you where to find the cheapest gas around you. Try out some of the apps and you will find yourself saving cents with each gallon—which will eventually add up to much more!

Travel safely this summer and don’t forget to stop in at Tuffy’s to visit us with any of your vehicle needs!

Sure — you get your oil changed regularly, but when’s the last time you had your car’s air filter cleaned?

Both are necessary for your car’s proper operation. Even though an air filter may be talked about less frequently, it is responsible for getting oxygen into your engine. A dirty air filter can result in a decrease in gas mileage, ignition problems, or even the illumination of that troubling Service Engine light.

It is recommended that an air filter be replaced every 8,000 miles in order to maintain efficiency of your engine.

A clean air filter can improve gas mileage as well as increase acceleration! Let us help you with your air filter replacement questions.

And on the topic of air — it’s time to crank it again! With the arrival of summer comes the necessity of air conditioning. Bring your vehicle in to Tuffy’s to make sure your air is clean and conditioning properly!

Spring is in the air and we’re feeling the joy! As the sun warms up, Tuffy’s is happy to offer multiple Springtime specials to our valued customers and curious community friends.

Before May 24, some of our coupons include a free alignment check, a free tow, and a free check engine light scan. We also are offering specials on mufflers, tires, and oil changes.

As we emerge from winter, your car might be suffering due to its harsh effects. Don’t let your vehicle drive damaged this spring! Visit Tuffy’s to be weather-ready. We’ll make sure you’re prepared all year long.