Complete Automotive Repair, Foreign & Domestic

We understand that sometimes there's not enough in your wallet but you need repairs done immediately. That's why we offer "fix it now, pay later" options for our customers.

We want our customers to have access to repairs as soon as possible and believe money shouldn't prevent you from having the repairs you need. We offer several options for you to choose from.


Option 1: 6 Months Same As Cash

At Tuffy Auto Center, we offer access to additional credit with 0% financing for 6 months. Our credit program gives customers the benefit of a fixed car and 0% financing if it's paid within 6 months. Much like any other store credit program, you can pay it in your own timetable.

Option 2: Check Hold Program

We also offer a convenient in-house payment program. This functions as a check hold program, wherein customers write us multiple checks with dates within the next 90 days. These checks are deposited over 90 days to spread out payments and make payments possible for customers who don't have enough on hand to pay up front but still need their car repaired.

Option 3: Nextep Funding     

Auto Repair Financial Programs. 

Apply and get approved in under 30 seconds. All you need is basic personal information like name, address, Social Security Number and a bank account that has been open for 3 months. What could be easier!

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Option 4: Easy Pay

Apply Now

Good Credit to No Credit ... Approved.

With Easy Pay you can receive same day approval for up to $4,000 for your repairs as well as 90 days interest free financing!. There is no application fee and in most cases no down payment! To find out more about putting Easy Pay to work for you, contact us today!.

For more questions on Tuffy's credit and payment options, please contact us.